Optical Fingerprint FAP10 Devices for Highly Secure Identification and Verification Applications


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Government Applications

ID verification


Secure Optical Fingerprint Scanner

The Mantra MFS500LX is a state-of-the-art secure biometric device that outperforms other devices in its class. It offers secure memory and precise biometric matching, enabling it to perform crypto operations, making it ideal for IT security and ID verification purposes. This secure and durable fingerprint scanner provides consistent image quality and accurate results. It is designed to be used in various identification applications based on biometric technology. Additionally, it has been certified as an FBI PIV-071006 compliant fingerprint scanner. Moreover, the device is IP54 certified, which means it is resistant to dust and splashing water.

500 DPI +/- 2%

Pixel Resolution

16.4 mm x 20.0 mm

Platen Size

296 x 354 Pixels

Image Size

< 2 sec

Capturing Speed


IP54 Protection

Lowest FAR & FRR

Latent fingerprint detection

MINEX compliance extractor

Support 180 degree rotation authentication

Auto Finger Detection

Module supports USB support

Scratch free sensor surface


Encryption and signing is done on the device

Our secure scanner utilizes optical technology, ensuring high-quality fingerprint scanning, even in the presence of dust, dirt, or rough fingers. It was designed specifically for law enforcement, IT security, border administration, and national ID programs. The device incorporates advanced cryptography and an ergonomic design, making it a top-performing and secure L1 biometric device for field operations.

+5.0V ±5% (USB)

Operating Voltage

58.1mm x 33.3mm x 12mm


0.125 Kg


Sensor Hardware

Device is an optical sensor with a spatial resolution of 500 DPI +/- 2% and a platen area of 16.4 mm x 20.0 mm. The image size is 296 x 354 Pixels with 256 grayscale levels. It has a red LED light source and a maximum acquisition time of less than 2 seconds. The device measures approximately 85(L) x 51(W) x 54(H) mm and weight 0.140 kg. It features an auto-capture mode with a built-in quality check that incorporates NIST quality considerations. Additionally, it has hardware-based RSA2048 key generation, AES-GCM-256, SHA-256, and TRNG support for crypto operations. The device also has secure memory support with TEE and key wrapping features, as well as secure boot support.

Programming Language Support


Dot Net


Standard Software

SDK: Morfin_Authentication


This specification includes the biometric data interchange formats of ISO 19794-2, ISO 19794-4, ANSI 378, WSQ3.1, and JPEG2000. It complies with RoHS for environmental health and safety, and IS 13252 (Part 1) for BIS safety standards. The device also meets EN/IEC 60950 safety requirements and has EMI/EMC compliance with CE and FCC Part 15B class A standards. The image quality is certified by FBI PIV and Mobile-ID FAP10, with an IP54 rating for protection against dust and water. The device driver is WHQL certified and has a unique serial number.

High-Quality Fingerprint Acquisition

Software Packages

MFS500LX is easily connected to a computer with a USB connection, which allows the power supply and high-speed data transfer. The scanner can be easily integrated with applications of enrollment for identity management projects.

2 Software Development Kit (SDK) options are available:


1:1 Matching: MORFIN_AUTH

Supported Operating Systems

Our Optical fingerprint scanner is compatible with Windows x86 & x64, Linux, and Android operating systems.

ISO 19794-4:2011 with Uncompressed

ISO 19794-4:2011 with WSQ compressed

ISO 19794-4:2011 with JPEG2000 compressed

Windows 7/8/10




Sensor Characteristics

Fingerprint Sensor Type

Optical Scratch-free Sensor

Spatial Resolution

500 DPI +/- 2%

Spatial Resolution

16.4 mm x 20.0 mm

Sensing Area

15 mm x 18 mm

Sensing Area

296 x 354 Pixels

Image Grayscale

256 (8 - Bit Gray Level)

Light Source


Maximum Acquisition Time (Placement to Template)

< 2 Sec

Approx. Dimension (L x W x H)

85.4 mm x 51.3 mm x 54.5 mm

Approx. Weight

0.125Kg (Approximately)

Cap touch

External Captouch to capture event triggers

Capture mode

Auto Finger detection functionality & Auto capture with built-in quality check (incorporates NIST quality considerations)


Crypto operation

Hardware based AESB, AES, SHA-256, TRNG support.

Secure Memory

Hardware security module protected 5KB secure memory which also tamper protected.


Secure boot support by the device


Operating Voltage

5V +/- 5% (USB Powered Device)

Operating Current

< 200 ma

Stand by Current

130 mA (Approximately)


USB 2.0


Operating Temperature

0 to 45 °C

Storage Temperature

0 to 50 °C

Humidity (Operating / Storage)

< 90% RH, Non-condensing

Compliant to Following Standard

Biometric Data Interchange Format

ISO 19794-2 for Image Template (WSQ3.1, JPEG2000)

Environmental, Health and Safety



EN/IEC 60950

*EMI / EMC Compliance

CE & FCC Part 15B class A

Image Quality

FBI PIV Compliance

IP Rating


Device Driver

WHQL certified with unique serial number

Operating System

Windows, Android, Linux

SDK Support

MOSIP Compatible


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