Optical Fingerprint FAP30 Devices for Highly Secure Identification and Verification Applications


eKYC for Bank account

Bio login Enterprise Application

Patient identification

eKYC for SIM Registration

Immgration Border Access Control

Student scholarship availment

Social Welfare & Development

ID verification


MELO31 is an optical FAP30capture area fingerprint scanner that is both adaptable and field-proven. It has a big platen area (20.32mm x 25.40mm) for capturing biometric data with accuracy, speed, and ease. It is appropriate for a wide range of applications that require maximum security and precision, thanks to enhanced features such as latent detection, lower false acceptance rate (FAR), and false recognition rate (FRR), and MINEX compliance embedded extractor support. MELO31 serves a wide range of sectors by providing seamless identification, verification, and authentication thanks to its durable and scratch-free sensor.

500 DPI +/- 2%

Pixel Resolution

20.32mm x 25.40mm

Platen Size

400 x 500 Pixels

Image Size

<2 sec

Capturing Speed


IP65 Protection

Lowest FAR & FRR

Latent fingerprint detection

Device form factor/dimension, slim, premium, look and feel

Device supports Inbuilt algorithm

Dynamic FPS based channel host configuration

Module supports USB support

OTA support & updates


It uses cutting edge fingerprint recognition technology to accurately and quickly authenticate a person's identity. MELO31 is a FAP30 fingerprint sensor, a rugged secure fingerprint device designed for large-scale identification and verification projects in wet environments. It is easy to use and can be integrated into a variety of systems using our sdks.

5V +/- 5%

Operating Voltage

89.0 x 64.0 x 25.60 mm




Hardware system requirements

This fingerprint sensor features a scratch-free optical sensor with a pixel resolution of 500 DPI +/- 2%, and a platen size of 20.32mm x 25.40mm. The image size is 400 x 500 with a grayscale of 256 (8-Bit Gray Level), and has a low FRR & FAR of < 0.1% & < 0.001%. The maximum acquisition time for placing a template is < 2 seconds, and it includes auto finger detection functionality and auto capture with built-in quality check, incorporating NIST quality considerations. The sensor supports 360-degree fingerprint rotation and has latent finger detection, with a light source using RED LED technology.

Programming Language Support


Dot Net


Standard Software

SDK: Morfin_Authentication


This device is designed to comply with various standards and regulations, including ISO standards for Biometric Data Interchange, EMI/EMC regulations such as CE & FCC Part 15B class A, ESD protection standards, and environmental and safety standards such as RoHS, WEEE, EN/IEC 62368-1, and IS 13252 (Part 1). It also has an FBI PIV certification for image quality, an IP65 rating for protection against dust and water, and a WHQL Certified WBF driver for ease of use.

High-Quality Fingerprint Acquisition

Richest area

MELO31 Capture

Placement Variations on smaller sensors

Software Packages

MELO31 can be connected to a computer with only one USB connection, which allows power supply and high speed data transfer.The scanner can be easily integrated with applications of authentication for identity management projects.

Software Development Kit (SDK) options are available:


1:1 Matching: MORFIN_AUTH

Supported Operating Systems

Melo 31 is a unique and portable FAP30 fingerprint capture device used to capture large fingerprints. The device is ideal for delivering fast, accurate, and consistent identification of individual.

Image Formats:- RAW, BMP, JPEG2000, WSQ

ISO 19794-4:2011 with Uncompressed

ISO 19794-4:2011 with WSQ compressed

ISO 19794-4:2011 with JPEG2000 compressed

Windows 7/8/10




Sensor Characteristics

Fingerprint Sensor Type

Scratch Free Optical Sensor

Pixel Resolution

500 DPI +/- 2%

Platen size

20.32mm x 25.40mm

Image Size

400 x 500

Image Grayscale

256 (8 - Bit Gray Level)


< 0.1% & < 0.001%

Maximum Acquisition time
( Placement to Template )

< 2 Sec

Latent Finger Detection


Light Source


Capture mode

Auto Finger detection functionality & Auto capture with built-in quality check (incorporates NIST quality considerations) & Support 360 Degree Fingerprint Rotation



USB 2.0

Electrical Characteristics

Operating Voltage

5V ±5% (USB Powered Device)

Operating Current

Operating Current: ~190 mA & Standby Current : ~90 mA

Environmental Characteristics

Operating Temperature

0°C to +50°C

Storage Temperature

-10°C to +70°C

Humidity (Operating / Storage)

< 90% RH, Non-condensing

Compliant to Following Standard

Biometric Data Interchange Format

ISO 19794-2 : 2005 & 2011, ISO 19794-4 : 2005 & 2011, ANSI 378, WSQ3.1, JPEG2000

EMI / EMC Compliance

CE & FCC Part 15B class A

ESD protection

Contact Discharge: +/- 8kV, Air Discharge: +/- 15kV

Environmental, Health and Safety



EN/IEC 62368-1, IS 13252 (Part 1)

Image Quality

FBI PIV Certification

IP Rating


Device Driver

WHQL Certified WBF driver


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