FAP 30 Optical Fingerprint Scanner, Offering the Highest Level of Accuracy for Secure Identity Verification

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FAP10 Fingerprint Scanner for accurate and reliable verification of individuals through cutting-edge technology

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Innovative capacitive fingerprint scanner for seamless individual verification with superior biometric accuracy

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Iris Scanner with cutting-edge individual verification and unmatched accuracy, redefining security with advanced biometric technology.

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Dual Iris Scanner with Unparalleled Accuracy and Adjustable Inter-Pupillary Distance to Revolutionise Individual Enrollment.

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With Slap Fingerprint Scanner for Individual Enrollment, you can verify your identity quickly and accurately

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An initiative by Mantra Softech that continues the legacy of reliability and quality. The Mantra Identity product line includes enrollment devices including slap fingerprint scanners and dual IRIS scanners, as well as authentication Fingerprint Sensors, IRIS Sensor and its Module. Every year, new products and solutions are added to our product line and portfolio to address the security concerns of business customers.

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Fingerprint Scanner based Application and Solutions


Diverse Fingerprint Scanner Technologies Explained

Optical Sensor

It is a biometric technology that captures a high-resolution digital image of a person's fingerprint. It uses light to capture the fingerprint pattern, making it more accurate and secure than other types of scanners.

Capacitive Sensor

Technology uses an electrical current to capture a person's fingerprint image. It works by measuring the difference in electrical charge between the ridges and valleys of the fingerprint, providing fast and accurate identification.

Spoof Detection

The spoof detection technology in fingerprint scanners is used to prevent fraudulent access. It detects fake fingerprints made of silicone or other materials and ensures that only genuine fingerprints are accepted. This technology helps enhance security and maintain the integrity of biometric systems.

Anti Sunlight Glasses

Anti-Sunlight Glasses in fingerprint scanners are designed to eliminate glare and reflections caused by direct sunlight. These glasses help improve the accuracy of fingerprint scans, especially in outdoor settings. They are an essential accessory for biometric devices used in bright environments.

Wet Fingerprint Acceptance

Wet Fingerprint Acceptance in fingerprint scanners refers to the ability of a biometric device to accurately read a fingerprint even when it's wet. This technology ensures reliable performance in environments where fingerprints can be damp due to rain, sweat, or other factors.

True Optical

True optical fingerprint scanners use a high-quality glass prism and camera to capture the fingerprint image with exceptional detail and accuracy. This technology produces sharp and clear images, making it easier for the system to identify a person's unique fingerprint pattern.

WBF Frame Work

The Windows Biometric Framework (WBF) is a framework for fingerprint scanner hardware drivers used in Windows operating systems. It provides a standardized interface for third-party biometric devices and allows for easy integration and management of biometric data in Windows-based applications.

Secure Fingerprint Encryption

Secure Fingerprint Encryption is the process of encoding a person's biometric data, such as their fingerprint, to protect it from unauthorized access or theft. This technology ensures that the biometric information is kept safe and secure, even in the event of a security breach or hacking attempt.

Multiple Size Sensor

A multiple-size fingerprint sensor is a biometric device that can capture fingerprints of varying sizes. This technology allows for more flexibility in enrollment and verification, accommodating different finger sizes and shapes. It is particularly useful in settings where users may have physical disabilities or injuries.


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